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First Legacy Grants To Impact 10,000+

Skaggs Foundation’s  first ever Legacy Grant disbursement was awarded to eighteen non-profits, schools and government agencies working to improve health and wellness in Taney and Stone Counties.  Cumulatively the funded projects will impact an estimated 10,425 area residents, or 8% of the two-county population.  [83,877/10,425 = 8.05%]

In 2012, Taney County Health Department’s Community Health Assessment identified the top three issues most prevalent throughout this area:  1) unhealthy body weight caused by poor nutrition, 2) tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse, and 3) child and family safety. Those priorities were top-of-mind as the Foundation’s Grant Committee considered applications.

Grant applicants are required to provide health and wellness services to residents of Stone and Taney counties. They are encouraged to address one of the most critical needs as identified by the Community Health Assessment and to work with related organizations to eliminate any duplication of services while maximizing the impact of the available effort and resources. Each funded program will be monitored, results measured and progress reported back to the Foundation.

Plans are to continue and increase funding to effective programs and new initiatives on an annual basis. 2014 Legacy Grant informational and instructional sessions will be held early next spring. Applications for next year’s grant distribution are due by June 30, 2014.

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