Healthy Recovery Initiative helping Simmering Center clients

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When clients arrive to the Simmering Center in Branson, oftentimes they are malnourished and in poor health as a result of their past lifestyle. With little to no money, even over-the-counter medications to relieve aches and pains can be unaffordable. That’s where a grant from Skaggs Foundation is helping.

The Healthy Recovery Initiative provided funds to Simmering Center to help clients with items such as Tylenol, Orajel, and other over-the-counter medicines, as well as vital prescription medication.

“This project provides a holistic approach to recovery by not only helping with an individual’s addiction recovery, but by helping with their health, wellness and mental well-being,” explains Kim Phillips, administration and public relations. “It’s a simple project that is providing clients with a greater chance of success in maintaining abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.”

Simmering Center client Garrett Rose lives with the long-term effects of a car accident.

“I often, out of nowhere, get reoccurring headaches and I also have dental pain,” explained Rose, who was recently released from prison.

He’s working to rebuild his life but starting from the ground up.

“I didn’t even own a toothbrush or socks when I arrived (to Simmering Center),” he said. “My headaches can be crippling. The ability to have access to non-narcotic pain meds is such a blessing to me.”

Rose said he doesn’t know where he’d be if not for the kindness and resources he’s been given at the Simmering Center.

“The med(ication) assistance has been paramount in helping me function as I strive forward in this healthy community,” Rose said.

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